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Teddyland (Id-Dinja tal-Orsini)

This bestselling interactive series Teddyland (Id-Dinja tal-Orsini) is opening the minds and hearts of children to show them what a truly wonderful place the world is! Teddy bears of different shapes, colours and sizes learn to live together in the world's cuddliest place - Teddyland. Each book presents a new teddy adventure that always bears a lesson. Young readers can relate to these cuddly characters and also learn a thing or two from their interactions and little episodes. 


Since the publications feature augmented reality, characters come to life (thanks to stopmotion animation) when readers download a free app on their mobile/tablet and point it on images found in the book.



In Don’t Judge a Teddy By Its Ears (Mhux Widnejn Kulħadd Huma Xorta) the day-to-day life of four teddy bears is disrupted when a new ‘teddy’ arrives in their midst. This new friend is very different from the others. Meanwhile, the teddy bears had been preparing for their Annual Cake Competition… Mmm!

In M’Hemmx Isbaħ mill-Verità (Honesty is the Best Policy) one teddy breaks her friend’s glasses by mistake. This teddy hides the truth from the other teddy, Wise Whitney. Meanwhile, Wise Whitney needs her glasses to read the recipe for the cake that she would like to make for her tea party. Will she have to cancel the tea party?

In Each Teddy Counts (L-Orsini Jgħoddu u Jiċċaqilqu) meet a very lazy dog that doesn’t like to exercise. But the teddies know very well that to stay healthy, it is very important to be active. So they decided to teach this dog a lesson, and to do this they have to count. So, what are they up to?

In Every Teddy is Special (Kull Orsinu Hu Speċjali) the teddies take a group photo. Since Anne is taller than the others, her head is cropped out of the photo. To make things worse, Ann falls on a cake – and ruins it! Since it’s a very windy day, one of the teddies is blown off onto a house roof. So, now what happen?  Will someone be able to save this poor teddy?

In the fifth book called Naughty Teddies! (L-Orsini Jagħmlu l-Praspar), Henry wishes to draw a portrait of his friends Whitney and Clyde.  But after spending hours posing for him, these two feel hungry and tired. Meanwhile, Peter starts  being naughty. Will Henry ever manage to finish his drawing?



The books can be enjoyed by children who read them themselves or listen to them being read aloud.


The publication is being supported by the National Literacy Agency and the Ministry for Education and Employment.  

Additionally, the project was awarded production funds from the Malta Film Commission, whilst MCAST was responsible for the design and production of the sets.

Augmented Reality
To find out how you can download the free app Orsini, please press the following button:

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