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The Golden Calf (2017)

Għoġol POSTER .jpg
Ruth was the producer and scriptwriter of the feel-good family-oriented feature film. Furthermore, she penned the interactive book that complimented the movie.
The story: In the 1940s, a group of children and their teacher mysteriously disappear in an underground labyrinth. In the present day, we meet with Pia, a lonely and unloved orphan who feels unwanted and unlovable. After hearing that the Golden Calf mentioned in the Bible is hidden in Malta, and after finding an old treasure map, together with her cousin Sandro, who is an insecure geek, Pia embarks on a fantastical adventure full of mystery. The children also unearth old family secrets. The cousins end up lost and on their own in the same dangerous, underground maze where the 1940s school children had vanished.
The Golden Calf received development funding from the Malta Film Fund and the Malta Film Commission.

Gladiator (2000)

In 2000 and right after finishing drama school, Ruth auditioned for a role in the blockbuster film Gladiator, which was shot in Malta.  Weeks later, Ruth found herself on the set of Gladiator and acting alongside Oscar-winner Russell Crowe. The editing department left two memorable scenes including the one in which she is kissing Russell on his cheek.
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