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Other Information

Festivals, Drama coach, Radio & More

Ruth has been commissioned to write a series of e-books, in both Maltese and English, to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These e-books are currently used in Maltese government schools.  
Furthermore, Ruth is currently the official Maltese Ambassador for Erasmus+. She was one of the eight European personalities used in the international campaign that was filmed in Brussels and launched in the the European Parliament in Strasbourg. This campaign was shown all around Europe in 2017.
Ruth co-ordinated the televised children's festival produced by One TV called Għanja lil Omm, which she also presented. For two years, Ruth was the PRO, as well as a member of the board, of the prestigious television song festival produced by One TV and Hamilton Travel Ltd called The Malta International TV Song Festival
It was Ruth’s ability behind the camera that, for two and a half years, helped her with her work as the drama coach for the well-known programme F’Idejn L-Imħallef. For this role, Ruth had to cast and rehearse hundreds of both established as well as new actors. This programme consisted of casting actors to carry out real court cases, which were judged by a real judge.
In addition, Ruth lent her voice to various radio plays and voice-overs. Ruth also produced and hosted Cultural Menu and Dynamic Women in Malta for the international Voice of the Mediterranean radio station, which had millions of people routinely tuning in to her programmes. Later on she hosted and produced another series of radio programmes focused on the film industry called It-Talkies for RTK Radio. Here, she managed to invite an illustrious list of guests, including international icons such as Emmy-nominated Ino Bonello and Tony Dyson, the creator of the robot R2D2 of Star Wars.


International adverts, Charity work & Other projects

Apart from the international Erasmus+ campaign, Ruth has taken part in two international advertisements for Adidas and for Beirut Bank. These adverts were aired all around Europe and in a number of Arabian countries. 
Moreover, Ruth’s first job right after drama school included posing for a brochure, once again dressed in epic attire. It is interesting to note that one of Ruth's drama teachers had been especially commissioned to carry out this task, and it was this same individual who chose her from amongst all the other students.
Ruth also penned the scripts (in both Maltese and English) for the first series of professional cartoons in Malta, which series promoted a number of social issues. The cartoons were shown in a number of cinema theatres before the start of movies; whilst the project was endorsed  by Her Excellency the President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca. The project was called And They Lived Happily Ever After (U Għexu Kuntenti Għal Dejjem).
She has also written a book for charity called Il-Klabb Malti tal-Avventuri (Malta Adventure Club) aimed to empower children with disabilities. This book was also endorsed by Her Excellency the President of Malta and has been distributed, free-of-charge, to each and every school (government, church and private) in Malta.
Other undertakings included participating in LoġġaPalk. This was a project carried out by the official national drama school where they ask theatre gurus to read out Maltese scripts which had never been produced before.
Ruth has presented, as well as participated, in a number of activities for charity organisations the likes of Mission Fund, Little Sisters of the Poor, YMCA, Dar il-Kaptan, Eden Foundation, Caritas and many others.
Other charity work by Ruth  include the development of a project for autistic children; the development and production of a Gruntwig project resulting in the production of a documentary; the writing and production of a cartoon campaign promoting important social subjects such as blood donation and gender equality; and the production and coordination of a short movie showing the consequences of bullying with crew and cast members including socially-disadvantaged youngsters.
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