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Magazine Editor

During the years, Ruth has worked as the editor of a number of popular magazines with different publishing houses. She has successfully led teams made up of writers, designers, photographers and others.
Ruth has worked at the magazine editor of:
- Karavan (2017-2018) – A bi-monthly magazine published by Write Deal Association that is distributed free-of-charge in School Colleges.
- Gwida (2013-2015) – A weekly magazine published by Content House Ltd that is also the island’s top-selling publication. Ruth was responsible for the rebranding of this television magazine, which recently celebrated its 55th year anniversary.
- WOW! (2010) – A monthly magazine published by Network Publications Ltd that was distributed free-of-charge from all stationers every third Sunday of the month.
Ruth has also worked as a freelance writer for a variety of publications. These include Fate & Fortune Magazine (UK), PI Magazine (USA), Lost Treasure Magazine (USA), Tea Time Magazine (UK), The Sunday Times of Malta, The Malta Independent of Sunday, The Malta Independent, First! Magazine (Malta), Tune In (Malta), Eating & Drinking (Malta), Manic! (Malta); as well as various Maltese publications (Fuq ix-Xarabank, L-Antenna, Is-Sagħtar).
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