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Iċ-Ċavetta ta’ Pandora (2022)

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A married couple, Kylie and Vincent, act as paranormal detectives for a television programme as they investigate some of Malta's most popular ghost stories. These include the spirits of: T'Alla u Ommu, the Grey Lady of Fort Sant Anglu, the Blue Lady of Verdala, and many others. Back at home, the couple's family situation is a complicated one. The reason for this is that their young daughter has passed away but they still refuse to let her continue the journey to the next world.

The paranormal drama series included 13 episodes and its first run was on Fridays prime- time during the Autumn schedule (October-December) 2022 on One Tv. This project was funded by the Malta Arts Council.
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The Golden Calf (2018-2019)

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The television series is a sequel to the family-oriented feature film. The story follows Pia at her new home as, together with new friends, she unearths an ancient document that leads her to search for clues in a catacomb. Throughout her adventure, she discovers various secrets whilst facing numerous dangers (some of which are supernatural). All this, whilst learning important lessons that will change everybody’s life.
The adventure-packed series was transmitted in October 2018 and October 2019 on One Tv.

Popcorn (2012- )

In 2022, Popcorn celebrated its 10th year anniversary!

Popcorn keeps viewers updated with what films can be enjoyed both in cinemas and also through streaming. As from this year, the programme has also started recommending international series for the audience to enjoy. Popcorn has captured a vast and loyal pool of televiewers thanks to the in depth reviews, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage. This makes our programme the most watched one during its time slot!

Aqra Bi Lsienek (2019)

During the thirteen episodes, Aqra Bi Lsienek focused on local books written in Maltese. The programm targeted the promotion of Maltese writers and poets, as well as encouraged viewers to read in the Maltese language. During the series, Ruth interviewed some of the most popular and veteran Maltese writers and poets. The project was funded by the Malta Art Council - CultureTV.

Pandora (2007-2011)

This much talked about, original paranormal program delved into the world of the supernatural and the paranormal in an unbiased fashion. First-time interviews with top Maltese personalities and entertainers about their paranormal experiences were included. Through exclusive documentaries Pandora investigated an array of subjects including UFOs, witchcraft, ghosts, voodoo, the history of the art of magic, the shroud of Jesus and much more.

TV Presenter

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Ruth has been working as a television producer and presenters since 2001. With a whole variety of programs under her belt, she has managed to capture a wide range of audiences of all ages.
Ruth has presented and produced prime-time talk shows with the likes of Mona Lisa and Otello along with the controversial Dr Toni Abela, as well as the talk show Anonimi. In addition, she has produced and presented the popular cultural program Kalejdoskopju.
Ruth has also managed to find time to produce and present the very original children's television production Lilliput. Each year, the program is given a different theme. These included traveling, the sea and the wonderful world below the surface, books and authors, and the art of cartoons - thus these series were given the names Lilliput, Lilliput Submarine, Lilliput Story and Lilliput Sketch.
Other television programs that Ruth presented include Hazzard, Bawxati Special, Artennium, Subway and Champions. In addition, Ruth was the main presenter for the award-winning documentary A Pinch of Salt and
Il-Ġbejna Maltija. Last but not least, Ruth has presented a number of shows such as the National Carnival Celebrations, the Firework Festival and the WelcomEurope Show which marked Malta's entry into the EU in 2004, to name a few.
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