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And They Lived Happily Ever After

Talking frogs, flying fairies, witches transforming into serpents... Fairytales that everyone has read, or heard of.

But wait... A princess who saves a prince? But we've never read such a story. And why not?

This book offers you a fresh perspective of a world-known fairytale. But there's more.

This legend comes alive thanks to augmented reality!


Who was the emperor who appeared naked infront of a huge crowd? How can diamonds ever be spun into cloth?

Why didn't the queen believe that her guest was a real princess? What do peas and mattresses have to do with the truth?

This book offers you two beautiful fairytales which enjoy a modern twist. Modern not only because some details have been changed to become more adequate to today's world, but also because they come to life thanks to augmented reality!

Download Pdf Book
Download Pdf Book

How to use Augmented Reality

Use your mobile or tablet to access one of the following:
Play Store or App Store

Download (free of charge!) and open app named
Kotba ta' Ruth Frendo.

Point the camera of your mobile or tablet towards the page showing the symbol of the fairy

Wait a few seconds till the camera recognises the page and comes to life.

Enjoy the magic created by this book!

This app is compatible with AR Core and AR Kit mobiles and tablets.


You can also use the following link to download the app from
Play Store and/or App Store:

Link for Play Store

Link for App Store

Link for App Store
(for newer devices)

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